Software Development

From requirements documents to managing mature software, our team has experienced all aspects. From embedded 8051 software, Linux based embedded GUI's, to PC applcations, we have been there.

Types of products designed, tested and released:

 ASIC 8051 ROM-based firmware

 Laboratory Automation Embedded Firmware

 Home Automation Embedded DOS Applcation

 Windows-based Home Automation GUI

 Linux-based electro-mechanical product GUI

 Electro-mechanical product PC Application

Unreal Engine

A real-time 3D creation tool for games, film&TV and architecture.

Game Development

Smart Systems Technology is following a passion of gaming by creating its first open-world adventure game leveraging the Unreal Engine and decades of game play.

Heaven's Ledge

The first property Smart Systems Technology is seeking to create.

Development Goal

Evolve Heaven's Ledge into a multi-hour open-world adventure thru incremental design, release and feedback collection. Attain a level of software development where generating functional realeases with content incrementing from 30 minutes to new hourly content per release becomes the normal.