Contract Engineering Services

Smart Systems Technologies offers a unique mixed of talent and tools to either assist or deliver on product design or development requirements.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Smart Systems Technologies can assemble both thru-hole and SMT in quantities of 1's to 1,000's.

Software Development

Smart Systems Technologies software services range from embedded microprocessor development, embedded Linux, PC Applcations to Unreal Engine game development.

Office Management Services

Smart Systems Technologies has contract office managment talent to assist and deliver hands-on personel to aid in running or managing small businesses.

Our unique mix of custom product development and flexible contract services makes Smart Systems Technologies a strong partner.

One of Smart Systems Technologies speciality areas is in residential, commercial and industrial product development and production. We serve two primary customer groups: original equipment manufacturers and end-users.

Smart Systems Technologies also specializes in the manufacturing and production of proprietary products designed to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Finally, Smart Systems Technologies offer its engineering and manufacturing capabilities and expertise for industry partners to efficiently expidite the needs presented by these business segments.